"Music Essence" vintage looking wide display serif

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i've been seen a lot of kind of fonts in my life,
but never seen this!

i thought this is "cooper black" at fiest, though
it's not!

im searching for this font for a long time by using forum of some sites,
but still can't find it...

does enyone know this font's name?

thank you v(。・ω・。)

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Something about that U is disturbing. Maybe hand drawn? What is the source?

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this is a piese of sticker made of ordinary print paper,
and i got this, when i enter to night-club, from a chashier.

then, i ask to one of the staff of the club who made this sticker.
but i couldn't get any promising information...

sorry. it's pretty disturbing because its actual size is too small
to look at each letters.

thank you.

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It's as if a border was added to each letter. Or could someone have meant to close of the lower part of the S like that?

I have posted it to a couple other forums for you. I'd like to know what this is myself.

I wish I had a catalog of Dan Solo fonts, because that seems like a good place to look for something like this.

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i thank you very much!!ヾ(・ω・)ノ

i just picked up an another image.
this is a sticker of the same material, but, not for a visitor gets, a performer gets it. I got it from a friend last night!
how I think that it is the totally same face.
we still can see the border on S, can't we?

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So far no comment on 3 other forums, so this seems harder than it appeared.

I'm curious, do you mind if I ask what you plan to do with this? You aren't going to start faking back-stage passes are you? If so, people might work harder on this ID if you promise to let us know how it works out for you.
: )

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no~~!! i'm NOT gonna start faking it!
i just wanna know the font ID simply.

i'm designing for flyer of night club party.
it is like my big hobby.
instead of designing free, i get admission free.
i'm just a party girl... (´∀`)ノ


a few months ago, a client(?) requasted me to design using this MUSIC ESSENCE font and
bought this sticker.
at that time, i told him that i don't have this font. and i used one of the most similer in my font list.
then, the fiyer-making was finished without any problems.

actual problem is that...
i've been having the unknowned ID font in my mind since i got the sample sticker.
this font is too cool and lovely to get off my mind.

i don't have any plan with this font.
i just wanna know its ID...

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I'm betting the key to this one lies in some old Dan Solo CD, but I don't have any of those. I checked the ones for sale I could find online with no luck. I did see something with a similar feel at Nick's Fonts, and I saw that a Dan Solo font was the inspiration. But between this and the other places are some of the sharpest ID-ers there are, but no luck. I haven't seen Mike Bowfin lately, so keep checking back.

I have looked so much the C, E, S, and K/Rs are etched in my mind.
: )

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I looked twice through my copy of The Solotype Catalog. I can't say that it looks familiar, either. The weird thing is that it looks like something from the early '70s.

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Not matches, but it reminds me of Belshaw and Victorian.

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