"Die Fahne" titles from old black-and-white movie

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I am looking for a typeface that matches to the attached sample. I think the font of this sample is custom made: Is my opinion right? If so does anybody know a similar font? I have found e.g. the »Crillee Extra Bold Italic« or the »Serpentine«. But I find the K is rather distinctive ...


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The two N characters look sort of different, so maybe hand drawn?

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What is the source of this image? It looks like it might be a screen capture from an old black and white movie. If so, then it's probably hand drawn.

- Lex

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Indeed. So now the question is -- can we come up with satisfying alternatives?

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The user feeded the german Typographie.info-forum too and - as I think - was happy with the Crillee-suggestion from there. See for yourself (the suggested links speak for themselves - for those who are not familiar with the german language).

The thread: http://www.typografie.info/typoforum/viewtopic.php?p=8198#8198

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Thanks for the heads-up, Renko.

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Oh, anytime, anytime. I'm glad I could contribute something useful here at typo-titans-territory ;-)

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Yes, it is a screen capture of an old b/w-movie. And I have bought the Crillee to design the DVD-Cover. Thank you for your help!

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