Getting started. how?

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assume i've found some specimen in an old book. i like them a want to digitize them for "education purposes" (and maybe offer it as free font on my site when done). now the how:
- how to deal with the maybe-copyrights on the font
- how to find out if there's an digital version of it already
- how to be safe when comes to all kind of copyright issues and stuff?

thanks: lars

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Lars, whats brown and white and looks good on a lawyer?

A pitbull

So if you do that posting of a font that someone else created for whatever purpose expect to see people with pitbulls on them visiting you. I think you'd be better off trying to contact the designer and get permission to use the design. Dan

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sorry, looks like my english lacks in some points. what i meant is: old books that contains typefaces that are not available as digital type, because no one digitized them...

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Lars they still have intellectual property rights, right. Don't assume. Assume means making an ••• out of you and me.

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Haha, thats nice. •••-U-ME ;)

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