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my name is yaron and im a second year visual communications student from israel.

i wanted to share a project i did for our illustration class.

i created an illustration book (called "Red Fur") inspired by illuminated medieval books and later printed german books. i needed to make a logo that matches the theme, so i developed some "hebrew blackletter" letters using a font that i love called - "willhelm klingspor gotisch".

the title says "Parva (fur) Aduma (red)"

you can view the illustrations and some initials i designed in this set:

i'll post some initials soon.

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Like I mentioned on Flickr, I *love* your first graphic.

Your second graphic feels to close to the Latin alphabet for me, though (not that I can read Hebrew…). It looks like "qio", with the dot on the i falling over. Normally, I don't think that I would "read" English (or whatever) into Hebrew, but since you are using such an iconic Latin design, it is too hard to avoid.

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thanks man - yea you'r right - it does look like qio.
i remember on logo (and several more) that was so lousy that hebrew reading people thought it was english. usualy it happens when the designer is a novice and when people use english fonts parts in order to build a hebrew font.

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Repeating what I wrote on Flickr:
I love it, and I think Hebrew blackletter fonts are critically needed.
If you make this into a font, it will be only the second of its kind.


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thanks sooo much - this is my goal from the time i began learning typography.
what is the the first of it's kind? is there another hebrew blackletter?

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cute font but i couldn't see the hebrew version.

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