(x) "Hans" thin and odd sans - Peignot (customised) {Lex}

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One of my clients wants to know what font this is. I honestly dislike it but I would appreciate your help !

Thanks a lot in advance !

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'Ambient', by Gabor Kothay.

( Edit-A-Bit: Nah, Sorry, Its not, but it may be an alternate. This could well be customized, say take a typeface, stretch it and cut it up. :)


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I think it looks like Optima all cut-up and stretched out.

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I was going to suggest same as Brad - but what a mess!

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I checked Optima, way too much stroke modulation. This sucker is as rigid as a ruler.

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The funny contrast on the 'S' makes me think that whatever this was, it was stretched out.

- Lex

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Yeah. Ambient is very close. Thanks Dav.

Anyone has another suggestion ? The company told me they just took an existing typeface for their logo. But like Lex said, it must have been stretched...

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There is no doubt in my mind that this is based on Peignot Light. The N and S match up exactly when stretched. The H and A are slightly modified.

- Lex

P.S. Suggest to your client that they go with a better logo.

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Ahahaha! Nice one Lex! I'll try my best ;)

Thanks for everything!

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