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It's been a while since my last visit around here, and I am sorry about that.
Some other things had to be taken care of...

Anyway, here is what I'd like to show you today:

All the info is on the image.
I'd be happy to hear about any flaws you see in the type as well as the overall logo.

Thanks for your time in advance! :)

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real fun, great idea.
2 things:
1. in america symbol is spelled symbol. is that true around the world?
2. I didn't see the birds untill I read the discription. maybe if the birds are reversed in black within the letters. they would still look like they are sitting, just on the baseline.

anyways, i wish I could see the site.

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There might be some typos, I trully apologize about that :(
You might be right about the birds as well. The logo is, unfortunately, in its finished state, but before that it was viewed by various people from this "comix-community". I didn't consider that they wouldn't have a problem recognising the pigeons, but for "first-see-ers" it might be puzzling...
Thank you for bringing that up, I will be interested to hear if someone else also had a problem with this? :/

I also thought someone might find the "dot" of the "i" a bit strange :/ When I look at it now, I think it could have been.. more consistent with the rest of the type. It seems a bit "slim" compared to the rest, doesn't it? :/

ps: The site is far from fantastic right now, you are not missing much ;)

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> I will be interested to hear if someone else also had a problem with this? :/

I had to go back and look to see you were referring to what I thought was some kind of flames coming off the top.

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at a small size i dont thing the birds will hold up. why not explore other ideas like maybe make the type have pointy tops so the bird cant sit on it and make the pigeon a symbol on the side. just a thought after seeing all those anti pigeon things in the city.

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I recognised the shapes as birds, and eventually as pigeons, however pigeons aren't a symbol of freedom (in the UK at least), doves are used as symbols of peace.
The logotype looks strong, though I would look at the counters of the B and the bottom right of the G, as well as the dot on the i (I wonder if you need that at all). As for the text to the right try using the logotype (possibly without the pigeons) instead of the approximation of it. The actual text has a problem with the narrow measure, especially the second paragraph which is very ragged, making it broader should help, if you can bring incorporated up to the line above. The third paragraph seems to have a fourth paragraph (I chose this…) without a line break.

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Thank you so much for your time!
You've been of great help.

timd, I agree with you completely...
The treatment of the G though, was the hardest thing of all.
Because if I made the radius of its inner circle smaller, then it's different from the C. However, right now, as you can see, the right bottom of the G is a bit heavy...
That's just as good as I could get it :(

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Try creating a G with just the crossbar (and not the vertical) based on the character you already have, bit like Futura's G.

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