Please critique this rustic, westernish, logo for a handmade jewelry company (and font recommendation)

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I'm looking for some feedback on this logo that I am creating for a startup company that makes handmade jewelry. The client is seeking a rustic, organic, friendly feel with a bit of country/western/colorado. My biggest struggle has been finding a font suitable for this identity. I'd like something organic, rustic, scripty yet professional. Any recommendations? Her identity is to be based on the horseshoe. She wants to have three staggered horseshoes like in the bottommost example of the attached file. Today, I gave my first attempt at weathering a logo and will certainly continue with this to get a better result.

Thanks so much for any input that you can give. Thanks!


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There is now an attachment to this post. I was getting the following error when trying to attach an image but was able to use the insert image option. Thanks. (File copy failed: no directory configured, or it could not be accessed)

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I think the mark would greatly benefit from a wider serif to begin with; make it a bit more legible at smaller sizes. Right now it says more cowboy than jewelry.

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A couple of font suggestions Latin Wide a strong face with hints, to my mind, of westerns. Or Olduvai which your flourishes brought to mind. Your horseshoe looks a bit condensed to me and weathering it seems like you are trying to get too much into (or out of) the logo.

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to me it looks more cowboy as well maybe loose the star. the star is associated with lonestar and all those other cowboy themes. plus i find stars cheese.. Also this horse is starting to look like a magnet the way you have the name below it.

to me orange and red say friendly. not blue

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Thanks so much for all of your responses, everyone! This has been a tough design for me as I have really struggled trying to get the right "feel". I will definitely take all of your comments into consideration. What a valuable resource this website is!


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Maybe a little over used already but this is a good western-esque font!

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Thanks for the recommendation pbdurr. I am taking another approach for this design and may use Rosewood. I am trying to track down something to compliment Rosewood for body text. Rosewood is caps only.. What do you think of using MVB Aunt Mildred to compliment Rosewood? I have included the latest version of this design. Basically, the client is now looking for a folky, dreamy, friendly and westerny look that includes a horse, mountain, river, horseshoe scene. I like the progress I have made but want to improve the dimension of the scene that I have created (it seems a bit flat). I attached the latest file with my design. Any input?

Thanks so much for the assistance.


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I have a problem with upside down horseshoes. People intentionally put them in their homes with the open end pointing up to keep the luck in the horseshoe. In your designs the luck is pouring out.

Your last designs are too dark and heavy and please loose the gradient. The gradient will give you nothing but problems and looks to modern.

I would use a western looking typeface only in the name and use a clean serif or san serif for the information text like phone number and address

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Your second concept looks more like a sportsteam than jewelry. The colors make me think of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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