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Hi everybody!

it's been a long time since mi last post, but here i am.

i am preparing a confference for the 2nd Bienal Letras Latinas in Santiago de Chile, i have a lot of material to show, but i don't want to miss the typophile's point of view.

wich are the best and worst logos for each one of you!

does anyone known about a goob website?

thank for your time.


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This could be a helpfull website. It is about corporate identity. You can find a lot of well known logo's with explanation in the catalog.



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The identity for Langoed T' Ross by Studio Dumbar remains my favorite system to-date. They've won awards for it. Not really a logo per-se, but an aphrodisiac for your eyes.

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Boy oh boy does that Studio Dumbar web site NOT do justice to their work! Hate the nav and the images are so small. That Langoed identity does look gorgeous if only one could see it!

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O olive oil has a logo that is exquisite in its simplicity.

for worst... there are way too many to choose from.

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these are good ones:

this is an amazing one by herb lubalin:

blog about clever logos:

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> this is an amazing one by herb lubalin:

But why did it never actually get used (AFAIK)?


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hrant i posted that just above your message.
anyway - i heard that this logo was designed to an american magazine, but the magazine was never published.

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I think my favorite is that oh so simple db logo that is actually kinda elegant but whoops!

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