A couple questions...

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Thinking In Type: The Practical Philosophy Of Typography

Is this book worth the purchase, I looked through it briefly at BN, seems nice, just like a recommendation.


Typeface vs. Font

I have a theory on this debate.

I've come to, through my studies, speaking strictly in 21st century context, that what is referred to as a typeface is an aesthetic theory and a font is a carrier of information that references this aesthetic construct. Rationalized as: You can't touch a typeface. And you don't load 'typefaces' into the 'typeface' folder. Font is 'touchable' via mouse, you load 'fonts' into the 'fonts' folder,

Depending on context. I get razzed because I say ..."Load your fonts this way..." I refer in all other contexts as type, or typefaces. Is this reasonable?


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I think you're on the right track. I think of it like this: "Typeface" refers to the appearance of the letters--the way they look on a page when reproduced. "Font" refers to the physical carrier of the typeface--a digital file, a case of foundry type, a strip of film, etc.--which allows it to be reproduced.

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Another way to put it: You can design a typeface, but in order to use it, you need to make a font.

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Hi, Eric, regarding your first question, I have not read this book (although it is on my "to read" list) -- but I recently read another book by that same author, Alex W. White, called The Elements of Graphic Design, and discovered a well-written, well-designed work on the use of white space as it relates to page layout, type, and other elements of graphic design. So I can at least recommend the author.

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That wiki needs some fleshing out yo.

~Paul. I teased you about the Goudy book, I SWEAR it wasn't me who won it. I would have tried though, if I couldve gotten out of class. That was a real jem.

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One More THing,

has anybody heard of this...

The Alphabetic Labyrinth: The Letters in History and Imagination. Johanna Drucker

And is it any good.


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Yes, that's a really good book.
If you're into more than just Latin, it's a must.


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