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Hi there!! : )

I'd like your opinions (always valuable) on this new typeface FH After. It's still on development... I would say more on a finalization/fine tuning design step of the process.

My main objective is to create a very distinctive display, with an "international style" quality. To be used by innovative companies, no matter where...

It's design also provide some nice experimentation on some daring ligatures that I wish to work on a little deep.

Anyway, what's your point of view??

check out at:

Many regards from sunny brazil!!!

Fabio Haag

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I like it very much! Looks good.
But on a first looks it seems to me that some charkters may be a little bit too wide. The B h and 9
I think the r doesnt work.
And enable ligatures in your mapa de caracteres. I dont know how normal S, T, s and t look.


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It's got a lot of character, in a good way!

Getting the spacing seems difficult, it may indeed help to make some of the characters narrower.

The gamma-like r is a bit odd, but I'd be reluctant to normalize it too much. I don't like the clockwise @-sign. It's extremely bulky and self-conscious. Also, consider getting rid of the serif-like protrusion on the stem of the ß, it seems out of place in this typeface.

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Thanks Steven and Tim!!

I now agree with everything you said. I'll work on it problably this weekend and post the adjustments soon.

thks again


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Hello everyone!!

I've made a lot of refinements, adjusting what you guys pointed out about a new at sign, narrowing some characters, adjusting the r and other things...the CAPs ligatures were a lot improved....

Checkout the new PDF (now with the character set table without ligatures on):

The final spacing and kerning checkup is not done yet...

Fabio H

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Hi everyone!!

I've made tons of refinements on the font, including design issues, new ligatures, spacing and kerning... it's almost finished for distribuition.

Please download the PDFs:

Any thoughs?

Many regards!!


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Hi everyone!!!

I'm happy to announce that After has been released via T-26 ( ) and my personal typefouundry ( )

"see" ya!!


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