School Board Election

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I threw this together as a placeholder logo four years ago:

My mother-in-law was elected to the school board in 2002 and they used this logo for much of the campaign materials.

Now it's time to get the re-election going, so I'd like to make an improved logo for the effort. Here's what I've done so far:

Blue and yellow are the preferred colors. I started with PTF's Costa, since I've already got it and it seems friendly and approachable. Clarendon's also been suggested, but I can't really tell which one is the best. Linotype's spacing looks more consistent, the EF version bothers me for some reason.

You've probably all seen the hideous local election signs around town, now's your chance to help make at least one of them in one little town a little better. Thanks for any advice you have to offer.

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Since Nancy is running as an imcumbent make a slogan that reflects her experience. Make the slogan reflect that there has been positive change over her tenure.

As for the new look its nice but the letter spacing is loose, maybe you like it that way.

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I would use the small caps instead of italic. I'd also tighten the spacing a bit overall. I might experiment with a different way to incorporate the yellow as well.

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Thanks for the comments. We're working on the slogan, your suggestion about her positive contributions is well taken.

I did tighten the spacing a little, especially the N-a, but I have to agree it's still pretty loose. After a little fiddling, I'm convinced a little tighter will be a big improvement.

Any suggestions for a suitable small cap? All I have in SC is Latienne, and it doesn't really go very well.

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Costa's own small caps, possibly the regular weight, would be my suggestion. If you stick with the italic and present copy for the slogan you might make it a little larger, the f is slightly too far to the right to visually align with the T.
Try the tiniest bit of kerning on the om of Thomas and similarly on the an of Nancy, just a gnat's. As for the colour, I don't know what standard the printing is like on this but you should consider that if the two colours crash you might get a green halo, I would look at a more intense colour in a thinner block and either align it on the right or extend it a bit further.

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Tim is right. I was thinking of Costa's own small caps.

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Great call on the color crash, Tim. It was enough to convince a color change:

However, I think I over kerned. The "ma" in Thomas looks wide now since the "cy" in Nancy and the "ho" in Thomas are a bit too close. Also, the "Re-elect" is now a requirement, and I'm not sure I'm happy with the placement.

The small caps for the slogan have not been manually kerned. the "ov" in governing and the whole word "our" seem funky.

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Kerning might be too much but the final size should be taken into account too, if this is for a large(ish) size (above 80mm, 2 1/2 inches or so wide) I would think that it will be fine, much smaller and the strap and Re-elect will be too small. I share your concern on the "ho" but the "ma" is, to my eyes, good although I might close "as" a touch. I'm not really familiar with this kind of work but shouldn't Re-elect be more prominent, the positioning is a problem though. In the strapline "OV", "FO" are a touch too tight and "ER", "OU" too loose and I would make the "NIN" evenly spaced between the verticals and ignore the spur on the righthand N (for the purpose of kerning).

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Coming along well Mica.
The spacing in the Th in Thomas needs to better match the rest of the name. There is a big hole under the T. This may require a ligature or an adjustment of the crossbar length.


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I like where re-elect sits, its just that the spacing between the line and "nancy" should be the same as the one between "re-elect" and "nancy". You can make a cut-out in the line for the "y" and adjust the space for the slogan accordingly.

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