Sonopa—Evolution of a Typeface

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Hello everyone. I've recently completed a face that took me over a year to develop and refine (off and on). In the interest of posterity, I've written an article on the process, roadblocks encountered, and steps taken. If you find such things interesting, please head over to this url and let me know what you think.


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thanks for posting this.. i look forward to reading it!

however although i'm definitely not as good a typographer as most people here.. the kerning on your "sonopa" logo bothers me :'(

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Thanks, Gerald. That'll teach me to commit a design at 2am. ;) I tweaked it.

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awesome article! i really like the typeface too! great work

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> I’ve written an article on ...

I really LOVE when a designer does that! Thanks.


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Fantastic - thanks a lot!

And very nice font, btw.


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Thanks, everyone. =)

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Thanks for sharing your process, Kenneth!

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