hebrew font i am working on (magazine titles) - need critique.

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hello everybody.
i am in a middle of working on identity to a magazine and need your opinions to a font i am trying to create. it is a first draft of the font. i know it is in hebrew, and most of you dont read it, but i still hope i can learn from your comments. it is my first intent to make a complete alphabet.
thanks a lot.

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Not knowing much about Hebrew, other than what Mel Gibson taught me, it feels a little too geometric and industrial for a subject that is completely humanistic in quality. I would re-approach this using a sans with contrasted strokes.

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Are you saying that there shouldn't be Hebrew font designs that are made of angles? Then should there be no Russian fonts that have curves in them, or no Chinese fonts without stroke contrast? You can make any sort of design for any sort of language, as long as it's readable. I think this is quite good; I like the round-cornered counters inside square shapes. However, other than to respond to Prakash Nair's post, I'm not really going to be able to offer you anything. (Sorry to get your hopes up for a good critique)

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My Hebrew is weak, so I'm not the best to comment. But to me the lamed and kof are hard to read at first as those letters, the aleph looks awkward, and pe seems odd in being closed. To me this just feels awkward and not knitting together as one aleph-bet, but I may be off base. Ask Israeli designers for a more expert opinion.

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thank you for your commnts.
i guess that the reason that some of the letters are a little bit different is to experiment how much can i stretch the use of them and still be able to understand them. it is still beeing checked (thow the alef - was used to be flipped even in earlier versions of hebrew). what i am trying to give to the magazine is its own character by using bold, propaganda type.
anyway more comment are welcome (form of the letters, how to build the numbers, is the angles - rounded and square are working together? etc.).

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My main critique is that while the majority of letters are quite
conventional, there are a few that are bizarre (peh, quf & lamed).
I don't think that you can create a style by changing a few letters.

The features that create the style should be applied to the
majority of the letters.
This is rough critism for sure because it goes down to basics but
I don't want to discourage you.

Much depends of the subject of the magazine. What kind of "atitude"
will the magazine have?
(Back in the sixties, many trendy magazines were almost impossible
to read because of the desire of the font designer to be different)
Keep at it!


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hello again and thanks for your comments. the magazine is out, and i am posting few spreads from it, hope you enjoy it.

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Couple fast things (just saw this thread):

1.The first sample/first post: הופעה בשתים שקלים
Since when Sheqel is feminine? And you can't use the absolute, but the constract שתי
However, the right thing is בשני שקלים

2. What's going on with the mishmash/display-headline font?

3. What no more new fonts? Why Miriam as body & subheads?

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Is that "SEND" in the last image actually some
word set in Hebrew, or is it just English "send"?


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Just English send

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dear david
thanks for the comment, and for the questiones:
1. it is a quote from somebody that gave me inspiration to that font (personal joke) i hope you were not ofended.
2.whats going on with that is that i decided that i want two headlines font runing and not one.
3. i think miriam is a grate font (and old doesn't mean that it's no good). this version of miriam (renewed by michal sahar) althogh heaving problems is a grate text font.

i think that those decisiones of typography are helping giving the magazine more charactar (though i know we had some problems with that, but i think those problems can be fixed while the magazine will grow a little bit and adjust itself.

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