Having problems with posting an image, please help me

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Today I try post a image in typophile forums, but this is not the right image I post, funny
by the way Mr formlos, I just send you a email with attach file at
your email.
Please help me to ID this font but I need it very urgent to design my project

thank you very much in advance

Best Regards
Robert Ng

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> To Mr formlos please help me

It's funny that regular customers started asking for personalised help.
I guess it's time to start charging a fee ;^)

And Mr. Robert Ng it's about time for you to start creating your type ID request posts with a proper title. You've been advised before >:^(

Anyway, change the name of your file, and upload it again. Suggestion: Append the string 'contohabc' to the file's name, and you'll never have this problem again.

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it work, thank you very much Mr. formlos and Mr. Niguel Sousa

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Great, now I'm Niguel... :^/

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FYI: you can always direct FAQs to the Read me page.

For people having trouble posting images, you can direct them right to the image requirements information with http://www.typophile.com/readme#images which has recently been updated to advise users to make sure their file names are unique.

...and great job troubleshooting, Niguel. >^P

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Yves, Could you please silently remove this thread? ( Or at least edit my eMail adress out, because I am sure that SpamBots will love this and I am getting way too much mails, already. No need for even more Viagra, fake Rolex'es or nude Neighbours. :) Thanks. )

And, Dont wonder, Mr formlos said so. :)

( I am sorry, this sure seems to have gotten out of hand, and I dont really know why I have been named as the personal Typophile consultant, in here. :)

Sorry, All.


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> I dont really know why I have been named as the personal Typophile consultant, in here. :)

Because you often kick our collective arses. :^D

Seriously now, I'd like to make something clear.

Robert, please don't contact individual IDers for specific requests -- I'm moderator for something. Also, never post an e-mail address again in a thread. You must have heard of spambots before, haven't you? And lastly, please please please give your threads decent titles. I mean it.

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