Check out this prelease note from P22--it's a Paul Hunt Zaner!

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Quote from P22 email:

"P22 Zaner, designed by Paul Hunt, is based on ornamental penmanship as
taught by Charles Paxton Zaner at his art college at the turn of the 20th
century. The Zaner font set includes four unique fonts that complement the
other fonts in the set. Each font is available in PostScript and TrueType
formats as well as OpenType which offers even more characters, options and
overall functionality. Set options include PostScript and TrueType with a
bonus set of extras and a "super" pro set containing over 3,000 characters.
Zaner is perfect for wedding invitations and documents that require a touch
of elegance."

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This Chuck Zaner guy, any relation to Rene Chalet?

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Wow, this is awesome!

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any relation to Rene Chalet?

Nope, Charles Paxton Zaner is the real deal. >^P Thanks to Chris and Miss Tiff for their help with this project.

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How does this relate to the current Zaner-Bloser company? who promote one of the three styles of handwriting taught in US schools, the others being D'Nealian and Connarian ;-)

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How does this relate to the current Zaner-Bloser company?

C.P. Zaner founded the Zaner-Bloser Company.

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Cool. Thanks, Si

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