The Mountain has come to Dan Reynolds

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Take a look at Dan's announcement for his soon-to-be-released face "Mountain" at:

I just looked at Mountain. Mountain has a constructivist base with a blackletter flavor--which does not surprise me considering Dan's affinity for blackletter:-) I quite like the cap D in particular. I think Mountain's italic is quite successful and may find its way into some metal band logos.

Excellent work Dan!


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Mountain is not for sale yet, but it will appear soon with Volcano Type, and the link Chris posted will be updated to include more info about that when it happens.

A trial version of Mountain is bundled with the book Bastard: Choose My Identity. That is a beautifully book which I can heartily recommend. I just received copy from the designers today.

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I think Chris is right. I can see it being used in a wide variety of applications, sort of like Papyrus is used to show futuristic, ancient, and anything in between (I hope you take that as the compliment it was intended to be. It's obviously nothing like Papyrus at all.).

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Very nice Dan, I concur the D is great, I find it refreshing.

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>I can see it being used in a wide variety of applications
Me too. Korrekte Schrift :)


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Thanks, guys!

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Dan, are you familiar with the work of Rene Knip? He's designed some beautiful faces that draw on geometric nouveau and deco influences.

Check out his book, A.R.K./A.B.C., too.

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Yes, I am familiar with his work. Beautiful stuff. I first learned about it at TYPO-Berlin last year. That A.R.K. lettering looks cool the same way that Chris' Weimar Plakat 1923 face looks cool, and seems to share some of the same inspiration, although Chris' letters are darker and less wide.

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Now you give me motivation to move my sorry behind :-)


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