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Dear typophiles,
i asked for your help months ago about fonts for a satirical journal about Africa and Maghreb. A lot of things happened but let's say it's kind of the same project, the Middle-East added in the focused areas. The word bakchich is the french for baksheesh (the funny thing is we decided to name it when i was searching fonts, and felt on the T26 baksheesh which doesn't really fit the journal but had that fine name)
Other than giving a causual and friendly look, the idea of this big ligature was somewhat to give an arabian look, without going on a fake arabic. Using only western script letters but bounding them in a way which could relate to oriental scriptures.
It's supposed to be finished, and already used on some things, but i guess it may need some little changes, so your critics are more than welcomed.
The stick aside the b on the horribly stroked 2nd pic will be replaced by the website address of the journal.

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A couple of things I would look at are the inside bottom of the counter of the c, the angle of the leg of the k, and make the ba ligature a bit broader. I would also look at how the tops of the letters and the dot on the i look if they are parallel with the baseline. On the outlined version I would look at some of the nicks and bumps, especially at the bottom and the i.

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Thanks a lot. I am going to look at the things you have noticed, and try to correct them. I have already tried some things you mentionned, and made some choices. I prefer the tops of the letter as it is here than parallel with the baseline, a possibility i have tested — i find it too rigid. The inside of the C has been a big problem, i have tested several possibilities, and i'm not happy with the current state, but i don't really know how to improve it… by making it rounder ? About the "k" leg, i had made it parrallel with the other vertical lines but it didn't work well, so maybe the problem is the angle is not different enough from the vertical lines one ?
Thanks a lot again, i'm working on it.

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From about 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock the inside of the c should be thinner that is the direction I would look. for the k I would look at rotating it more anti-clockwise to make the angle. And while I am commenting the h's should be a little wider to make the join of the strokes less cramped.

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Sweet. If I had to be critical I would say that the "k" is a bit too cap "R"ish looking. I think it also breaks up the flow a bit as it has a horizontal aspect to it in the center, that the rest does not. Idid a screenshot an explored the issue for a couple of minutes, this is a direction I would suggest trying, although I am not sure it would solve the issue of it looking "R" ish. It does however deal with the horizontal issue.
Without being overly critical , I would say it looks great, as the context is completely understood, the issues mentioned are really minor.

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The dot over the i looks a tad small. I'd like to see it be taller (top to bottom) and slightly wider. Not with the same proportions you have here, but proportionally a bit taller than it is. Right now it looks visually a little too narrow.

On the k, have you tried slanting the lower part of the stroke enclosing the counter? I'd be interested to see what that looks like, especially combined with alchion's suggestion.

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Thank you all. I have a lot of work, with many different aspects of this whole journal project, but i sure will follow your suggestions and post the results.

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