Rough start for my personal logo

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This is not a logo but rather an idea which I had.

Soon my apprenticeship ends and I had to apply for a job. So I thought about not making a standard letter to write to the agencies but rather just a logo printed on a selfmade postcard. So I could write on the back and the guy from the agency could read immediately my application. Therefore I could not glue a picture of me on the postcard, so I decided to paint myself. So my name should look a little bit like a signature.

Its a bit late now and I want to go to bed but before go to sleep I want to upload my current status to hear what you think of it.

Its just a rough sketch which I traced in freehand. Its not cleaned yet.

Because the logo only appears on a postcard I thought about giving my picture an irregular, selfpainted border that let it look like a postage stamp.(only sketched yet)

So what do you think of it!?

Bye: Steven

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I like the lettering, even if, in this state, it partially still seems slightly 'blurry' / 'stroppy' / 'sloppy' ( Deutsch: 'Patzig', als wenn an diesen Stellen die Farbe zusammenlaufen wuerde. ) and too dark ( Especially the 'l' and 'f'. ), but I am not too sure about the illustration or the combination of the two.


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Yes, I think that you should add "counters" to the "l" and "f" (like the "e"… since they are written with the same kind of loop).

I like your first image. The portrait and your "signature" match each other in line and style. I don't like the postage stamp border idea… that is too kitchy.

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