typeface for upscale 60s vibe??

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hey dudes, i'm designing a piece that i want to give a classy, 60s sort-of vibe (think capote, black-and-white ball, etc).

i'm just not sure where to go with the type treatment at this point. i was thinking maybe an ultra condensed sans-serif like univers??

any other suggestions? i'm kinda stuck

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Chalet might work.

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Chalet by House can be both fun and formal


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Extended grotesques always look 60s to me. Akzidenz-Grotesk Extended, Trade Gothic Extended or Helvetica Neue Extended come to mind. Script is also very sixties, particularly Stormtype's Splendid Script.

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I like the Univers idea.


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thanks duderz. chalet looks like it might be quite perfect.

i was also thinking extended grotesks at first.. but it just wasn't fitting the vibe.

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