“Boot Camp Turns Your Mac Into a Reliable Windows PC”

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“I’ve been testing Windows on a new iMac for several days,” writes Walt Mossberg for the Wall Street Journal, “and except for a couple of trifling annoyances, it runs perfectly, just like a stand-alone Windows PC...In Windows mode, the iMac was blazingly fast — far faster than my two-year-old H-P Windows computer. And every function of Windows I tested, including Web browsing, email and music playback, ran flawlessly.”


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"Reliable Windows PC"??

(hollow laughter)


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We all know there's no such thing. :^)

This is seriously good news nonetheless, I know quite a few who have been wanting to make the switch only if they could use Windows for a couple of their essential programs. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

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People forget that the Amiga used to run its OS, MacOS and
Windows (and much more elegantly than this). But of course
it wasn't hip and flattering enough to suvive. If only they
had renamed it MeMyself&IAmiga, then the peons would've
lapped it up.


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