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Hi there,

My first post on this forum:-).
I designed my own font for my company I whill start after newyear.I would like to have some opinions.Witch one is the best.Reads the best.What do you read?I should make changes to get this wright?What?

I wanted a sollid,compact attractive font that had a compination between old and new and that would draw attention.

I got the link to this forum and heared there are some good typograhist.So I'll get some good critisise.:-)


logo design

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I like it

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I don't know what to say. I think maybe you want to
scrap it, and start anew. Do you want to capture the
meaning of the word at all in the letterforms you
design? The geometric shapes work for a construction
company, but not for communications,and not divine.

The forms are looking very randomly generated to me.
The "E" is very squared off. It bothers me the most.
I can almost make it say diving. The "V" and second "I" are
most proportionate, so if you continue, I would work off of
those 2 letters. just duplicate the second "I" for the first.
The "D,N,E" must be condensed. Overall,
#5 shows the most promise.

There is really not enough playing going on. Maybe
draw, scan and trace for a bit before digitizing?

Why did you choose the word Divine? I am also curious.
I'd like to see the final version of any progression
you decide to make.

Good Luck,


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I disagree with Andrew, I think it captures perfectly the spirit of gothic letterforms in ancient manuscripts. I see nothing constructiony about this.

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The dots are bugging me. Not sure why.

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maybe because the dots are round?

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The v also looks very narrow, it should be as wide as the n

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As I mentioned in my first posting and as Andrew confirmed, these letterforms are not yet closely related. It looks like at least three different typefaces have been thrown into the mix. In addition it doesn't look like there has been an attempt to equalize their weight.

I agree with Kemie, therefore, I disagree with Andrew regarding the appropriateness of the look. I think the forms, although somewhat unrelated to each other, do a pretty good job capturing the concept of divinity. I think you just need to focus in on one of the forms and make sure the rest work with it.

Like Darrel, I mentioned previously that the "i's" dots are too light. The squared dots that Adriano illustrated work better, but considering the word you might try finding a dingbat to use as the dots

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