(x) The Beatles "Revolver" - (similar to) Grot 9 {Richard Hards}

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I need to know which type is used for the "Revolver" writing on the front-cover of the Revolver LP from The Beatles. I am no pro so I am completely lost with this.

You can see the cover here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Revolver.jpg

Can somebody plz help?!



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Helvetica? Perhaps even Helvetica Squooshed™?

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Yeah I'd say Helvetica, it's easily recognized by the captial Rs where the leg of the R on the right hand side hooks out just at the bottom.

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Wow that was fast!


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Whoops, not Helvetica. The type in question has noticeable stroke contrast (see the V and O), of which Helv has very little. There was also not a lot of squooshing going on in the pre-digital days.

Neue Helvetica 77 Condensed Bold

Helvetica Inserat

We're looking at a gothic that's possibly not available digitally, but here are some options:

Bureau Grotesque Three Five

Bureau Grotesque Three Seven (closest I can find)

Similar: Gothic No. 13, Gothic No. 4

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Yeah the O had me wondering if it was Helvetica. I did not spot the V though, nice catch.

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I would have thought, putting it into historical/geographical context, that it was more likely to Stephenson Blake's Grot 9


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Would have been Typositor set originally - and maybe a bit "starved". There were loads of cuts of "Grot 9" floating about back then - plenty of typesetters cut their own versions from specimen books. Grot 9 is bang on for period.

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