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The Scottish artist, poet and gardener Ian Hamilton Finlay died a few days ago. Over the years, he worked very closely with a number of lettering artists, calligraphers, stone carvers and even neon makers to realise his visions. At the ATypI conference in Copenhagen in 2002, Michael Harvey gave a delightful presentation showing the fruits of many years of collaboration with the often difficult and combatative Finlay.

NYT obituary

I'll try to find some time over the next couple of days to upload a few images of Finlay's work.

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The official site:
includes some nice photos of the inscriptions at Little Sparta. Unfortunately there are no larger images linked in the catalogye of the Wild Hawthorn Press publications.

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Finlay had the chops.
Last year I visited GOMA (Glasgow Museum of Modern Art), to see the Barbara Kruger exhibit, and was most impressed by a gallery of his work.
If you like concrete poetry, his work was exemplary.

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There's a nice article on him from a few years ago here.

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I recently received a copy of this book about Finlay's garden and its many clever and delightful monuments. It is a wonderful book and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in lettering: almost every page includes photographs of the many carved inscriptions at Little Sparta. The only criticism I have is that the book does not identify the individual lettering artists who collaborated with Finlay on particular projects, although it is kind of fun to try to guess from the lettering style. I think I spotted a few Michael Harvey pieces I had not seen before.

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