What fonts? I am designing book on computer games

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I am commisioned to design a book on contemporary computer games. Can you please help me with some tips on

a) Headline fonts
b) body text (what is the english term?) fonts

More specifically, I'm looking for a contemporary, technical feel, with good legibility. The book is on games of all kinds, so I am not looking for "fantasy"-type fonts.


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Avance for the body?

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Hei Alexander
Så bra at det var du som fikk den


Torbjørn spurte meg også.


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Good suggestions. I'd consider Klavika or FF Avance for body and FF Alega, FF District, Isonorm, or Pasadena for heads.

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FF Dax, Conduit - perhaps something custom from Ray Larabie as he's from the video games world.

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Thanks for all the replies. I chose Klavika for headings, captions etc. It took me abut 30 seconds to convince the customer to buy it :) I'm still pondering on which typeface to use for the body. I've got four alternatives:

1. Klavika.
2. Syntax.
3. Scala.
4. Bembo Book.

Any opinions?

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1. Could be ok.
2. Dated.
3. Good.
4. Too traditional for the subject matter.

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Syntax is too safe for this subject.

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I think Meta could work well for body copy, but I'm not sure about pairing it with Klavika, I'd have to compare them together. I do think you will need something equally "progressive" for the body copy without sacrificing legibility.

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Alex, just a thought here. How about contacting Eric Olson at Process. He might be able to give you some ideas on a nice pairing with Klavika...

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