What I got up to in London yesterday: 'Flash-gallery'

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Vaguely inspired by something I read, I decided to start a 'flash gallery' in the street, similar to the idea of flash mobs. Starting with a single photo of the shop at the end of the street (just off Carnaby Street, fact fans). I placed it on the pavement and waited patiently for inquisitive people to start looking. I was hopeful people might even pick it up but that wasn't to be, in fact, with just a single Polaroid on the floor it wasn't often people even glanced at it at all. A few had more than a second glance and for them I was waiting patiently to snap them with my Polaroid. As each person was photographed I had my little assistant place the image on the floor, slowly building up a collection.

About half way through traffic slowed up, plus I was getting cold, and so I decided to relocate to just outside a cafe where I could enjoy a nice cup of tea too. Nearly all of the pictures were shot from the hip/under a table etc so not to disturb the 'viewers', so a few are oddly framed. The point wasn't so much to take nice pictures but to document people’s reaction.

My little flash gallery was born out of the street and existed for just that moment.

Comments are very welcome and would be even more so over at http://www.mmmyeahnice.com/2006/04/flashgallery.html ;) You can view a large version there too.

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Hilarious. I like the interactivity of it all. Now the gallery exists online. Hope to see more.

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