Mac bitmap ttf issues

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I designed a bitmap font and exported it to TTF using Font Creator. Final tests (Photoshop/Flash) were run, everything seemed ok, until I performed some tests on a Mac. Well.. there are unexpected tracking issues in Flash, ie. some characters overlapping. Should I prepare my fonts differently for the OSX? Is there somewhere I could read some more about PC/Mac differences in this area?

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Here's what the font looks like in PC and Mac dynamic text fields in Flash:

Would exporting the font from Fontographer help?

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Have you tried using the info on this page?

People around here are generally Fontlab and Fontographer users.

BTW, looks like the problem only happens with characters outside the ASCII area.

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Try decomposing the composite characters.


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Hrant, thanks, but I am not sure what this means exactly.. Also I am not sure if it's only composites that are troublesome here, as Ł,ł have strange tracking as well.
I wonder if re-exporting the ttf's from Fontographer would help.

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