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Hello everyone. I hope to get some support from here, as this is the place where the people are actually might be interested in taking part in this thing.
I want to give away a book. As I was bored, I thought a contest could help me decide who gets the book. So, here we go - http://www.xtati.com/gridcontest/ Details, rules and everything is there. Please, submit and support.

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I see people coming from this link and I see no submissions from any of non-russian designers. Tell me frankly - is the whole thing stupid, uninteresting or...? Why? Plain laziness in action?....
Just wondering.

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popovich said... Plain laziness in action?

how about plain busyness? I haven't even had time to follow the link!

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plainclothes :-) never met to hurt your feelings. and I didn't mean any particular reader of this forum. it's just that, as I've said, people click - but that's it. in other places they would say "nice, i am in" and then again - nil. so, I was wondering why.

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non-russian input comin up!

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I think people just need time to design something.
I think you will have many submissions coming soon.
Cheer up, fine idea.

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seanmichael, this is my only hope - that people just need time. I just HOPE people do not come there -> think "nice" -> forget about it right away.

Cheers! ;) Thanks for warming up.

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