Now get fonts via podcast!

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We've just launched fonts via podcast. Free for the time being, one font a day. Let us know what you think.

Follow the grey text link.

Or go direct from here:

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This is beautiful! Especially the iTunes Podcasts.

Is it an April Fool's joke, or are you really going to continue to create such absurd performance art?

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I'm going on April Fools here.

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Nice one! :^D

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what a crazy thing :-P ...

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Naughty Elias, editing your Typophile comment... if you edit it back I'll explain how to install the fonts.

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Laurence, I don't have an iPod so I'm not sure how to get these podcasted fonts, but if I can figure it out, will I be able to use them with these Lanston Spacing Sorts from P22?

Please help.


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Since when is an iPod required to get podcasts? These actually work on ANY portable player. It's really easy to install them. Subscribe via iTunes or any other podcast receiver that you're using and you get all updates automatically.

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Adam is a real trooper! 6 minutes worth! =-O

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Subscribe via iTunes or any other podcast receiver that you’re using and you get all updates automatically.

Or crack open the XML files and find the direct references to the MP3 files:

By the way, the estate of John Cage has been very strict about even partial performances or recordings of 4′33″. I wouldn't like to see MyFonts sued for plagiarism of silence, although it would make for great publicity.

A friend of mine had a Chicago college radio show in the early 1990s, and devoted an entire show to playing and commenting on different recordings of 4′33″. Very, very funny. 'Ah, now this version is my favourite....'

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