De kerning

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I need a suggestion - and it may sound idiotic. What is the best kerning for a De pair? Because of the opposing curves it always feels too far apart when compared with the other letters (the entire word is Delta). I will be using a San-Serif which seems to compound the problem. Any suggestions fro a good sanserif typeface that will work? (Oddly enough I don't like the overall feel of the font Delta). Again I know this is a slightly ignorant question, but I am having a little trouble trusting my instincts on this one.

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Got to be visual. Correct character combinations depend on the entire word, font and context.

As for suggesting fonts - further and better particulars required. Haven't looked at Delta, but choosing a font by name is not really going to help you get anywhere. The audience doesn't know or care what the font is called.

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De Kerning?
What sort of slang is that?

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He means the kerning between an uppercase _D_ and lower case _e_

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I thought the same exact thing. :^/

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De kerning - This will rest in the hall of type jokes.
Sorry Hugh, its too funny.

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so i guess it depends on de stijl...

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Huh? De Kooning had a twin brother who was a type designer?!

Oh, I know: de-kerning is what Emigre does to their fonts before shipping. ;-)


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If it has to be uppercase D lowercase e, something condensed (because the verticals are more likely to be straighter than rounder) with a large x-height (so e doesn't tuck under the D) like


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Ha ha ha - very funny - good suggestion Tim. I may end up going with an all lowercase. I just wanted to know if there were any good suggestions for making those two competing arcs not fight so much visually. As far as choosing a font by its name - I realize that isn't a methodology for choosing a typeface - just commenting on how the D-e pair looks ironically horrible - would think they would have given it a better name to show off the face.

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Went with an all lower case type on this and a stylized delta symbol. Here is their old logo and their new identity.

Just an update

PS - realize that the logo descriptor is generally legible at the full size on these items They were provided with a second version minus the STAFFING SOLUTIONS line for use at below 1 inch in size.

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