3D typography

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I'm writing a paper about the history and future of 3D typography -- does anyone know of any good references (preferably online) related in some respect to this subject? Thx!

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3D as is animation/movies pre-digital?
3D as rendered CAD objects?
3D as in sculpted architectural forms?
3D as in hand painted signs of letters in perspective?

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> 3D as in sculpted architectural forms?

I ♥ typeworkshop.com run by Underware has done some great 3d experimental stuff like this.

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I know that one graphic designer and sculptur Takenobu Igarashi had made a lot of works of 3 D type, It's a Good Stuff

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Igarashi is a classic.

A really cool book for you to get is "Dimensional
Typography: Words in Space" by J Abbott Miller.


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There's a site for that? Cool.

This is in the Miller book btw.


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Thanks, I have the Miller book. I couldn't find much on Igarashi as far as 3D stuff - does anyone have any links or specific titles?

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A 3d papercut font

more about it:

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and also 3d interior type:


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