Converting MM and open fonts to type 1

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I need to output a book, that is partially set in Adobe Jenson MM on a Linotype Hell ripping device. Unfortunately, the rip does not like the MM or open type format, so I try to convert the original font in fontlab v.4. to a type 1 font. I have a hard time adding more than one font to a suitcase. Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot!

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Thanks, Tiffany. I'll try to find that "downloader". The name sounds familiar somehow.

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hi im having exactly the same problem. we have a copy of Myriad which we need to use on OSX too.

I have tried using the downloader to download the fonts to various printers but it still sometimes defaults to courier.

I am now in the midst of converting the font to type1 using fontographer. I have output the files to type 1 and having lots of problems outputting them. sometimes they default to courier sometimes they dont. OSX seems to recognise some of the fonts but not all of them. im pulling my hair out.

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Why don't you use FontLab TransType?
It converts between MM, PS Type 1, PS OpenType, TT OpenType and TrueType, Mac and PC, in all directions (of course, except making an MM out of a non-MM font :-) ).

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I think I was a bit over-enthusiastic in my last posting. TransType currently does not support OpenType PS (.otf). We plan to release a version of TransType later this year that will handle that, but at the moment, our only product that can convert OpenType PS (.otf) fonts to Type 1 fonts is FontLab 4.6.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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I'm sure most of these folks are long gone, but most and perhaps all of these kinds of problems are generally due to incorrect system software configurations (ATM version, driver version, etc.) and are not intrinsic in the fonts themselves.

People having these sorts of problems should first consult the OpenType readme, at

On the off chance these folks are still around, I will pose some specific questions....


More information please. As far as we are aware, there are no known printing compatibility issues involving normal RIPs and OpenType. What model of RIP, and most importantly what level of PostScript? What error message or problems occur? What driver version are you using? What OS version? What app and version?

The only RIP I have ever seen that simply could not handle OpenType also couldn't print TrueType. They were part of a specialized newspaper system that required AFM files and Type 1 fonts only. However, it's possible there is some component in the workflow that creates a problem with OpenType.


Again, more information would be helpful. What app are you printing from? Have you tried the OpenType version of Myriad, or just the MM version? What version of OS X?


Generally speaking, OpenType fonts work just fine with QuarkXPress 4.11. What specific problem are you having? What OS are you on, what version of ATM are you running, what kind of printer, and what printer driver?



Thomas Phinney
Program Manager
Fonts & Core Technologies
Adobe Systems

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In the MM version, there are numerous separate supplemental fonts that add those "swooshes"; some of them are separate bits that attach to the ends of letters, others are more "swash" versions of the letters themselves, and others are completely independent ornaments.


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Thomas, the RIP our newspaper's printer uses can't handle OTF or TT fonts; we have to use Type 1 with custom encoding only, no CID. Not sure if it's customized or not

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Sorry to hear that your newspaper's printer can't handle mid-90s technologies. Bummer.

Just to elaborate on that, I've been told of a newspaper production system that requires that the Type 1 fonts and matching AFM files be actually loaded onto the RIP. Not much to be done about that one. But for anything less extreme, remember that once a PostScript flavored OpenType font is in a print stream, it literally is a Type 1 font. Same for it being in a PDF.

What types of files does this newspaper printer accept, exactly? PDF?



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Peter. There used to be a utility called "downloader" that I have used to download both postscript files and fonts to our rips. I know for a fact that I used it to download MM fonts that wouldn't otherwise work. I can't find it here, but perhaps someone else could point it out to you.

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Found it. It is from Adobe. Of course. I seem to remember it coming with ATM and Type Reunion. It is one of their type utilities. Don't know where you'll find it now unless you have some of those discs lying around. Good luck!

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We're having the same problem. Need to run an Opentype font in a file that can only run in Quark 4.11. Will transtype convert Opentype to type 1?


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I'm trying to use a face -- Bickham -- used by an invitation printer. It's an MM face. I have the basic face installed but there are appear to be a number of series that i need to match the "swooshes" used by the invitation folks. The faces are there but they only seem to have swooshes. How do you get these type elements into a document?

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