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Have any of you seen Any thoughts?

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Doesn't the new version of Flash support anti aliased fonts

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Flash has always supported anti aliased fonts (I'm hoping you wheren't just trying to be ironic here!) as flash is a vector based package. Pixel fonts are a bit of a fad, which (hopefully) will pass. It's an escape route for 'web designers' who are scared of typography, choosing to make it small is the safe option. I suppose I'm being very generalistic here and that their are those who deliberately went out to use pixel fonts to tie in with a theme/style (the retro computer game look!). So why use pixel fonts? Well one of the problems with displaying type on screen at anything smaller than 8pt (some would argue 10pt), causes the type deteriorate in visual quality, where as pixel fonts are exactly that based on the pixels of your monitor.

As for buying a piece of software to build these fonts?... I wouldn't.

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Flash used to not support bitmap fonts. Preferring clear rendering (as opposed to blurry detritus) is not a fad, it's functional. The new Flash however does support bitmap fonts, although still not grayscale bitmaps. The good news is that Truth in Design has developed "Superpixel fonts" that fake gray dots via outlines.


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Futura and Futura Condensed

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(3 minutes, Tiff! ;-))))

I can't download the demo right now.
But the website looks suspicious somehow...

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