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This is a concept for an Aroma Therapy company named Little Bird Therapies.
Little Bird Therapies is a very small business providing homemade therapies.
I am open to critiques, especially on the type treatment which doesn't look finished to me.

The parchment is not a part of the logo at all, it is just a background that I was thinking about putting it on.

I am a huge fan of this site and this is my first post, so please be kind.

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please ignore this..

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I really like the bird, although it has a kinda 'snooty' look about it's face. I think it's the way it's staring into the distance with it's nose turned up.

The type might look a lot better if it was actually printed on the parchment, and perhaps the bird as well? I think 'THERAPIES' doesn't look very therapeutic - are they u/c or small caps? i can't tell - but either way i think l/c could look better.


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The bird is really nice and well done.
But I think you have done too much strokes at its tail. Its not balanced. The bird looks left weighted.
Also it doesnt look like a little bird. I would shorten the body and tail a bit and make the stomach wider. Now it looks like a pigeon not like a sweet little tomtit.

Look at these tiny sweet birds to check your proportions:

Greetings: Steven

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Hi, I like the bird too, and I also agree with Steven that it looks little off balance and "pigeony." The curves are so intricate that I was looking for a hidden scripty "L" and "B" which might look interesting (I'd try it, if it doesn't work, you can always go back). I'd suggest trying to simplify the type. Bold and different color is not necessary. You have three words and each has a different treatment which I think is too much. I like the green/brown combination, but I'd explore one color versions. The parchment compliments the colors very well, but it will be probably used on many different backgrounds so I wouldn't think of it as a part of a logo and worked with white background (at least for now). Nice start.

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And maybe the bird should look straight to the right, not upwards. I dont know why but it reminds me a bit of a thinking pose

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Shouldn't a little bird be little and maybe sit on the title. I'm not in love with the type, why make bird more important than little, I see no reason. It souldn't read little. Bird. It needs to read as little bird. The letter spacing needs work and you have to justify why little is with a lowercase l like the b in bird. Therapies is just to strong for this treatment and it too has letter spacing problems. Its a nice start but its a start, keep going

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Thank you for all of your comments.
You have been very helpful and I hope to put your advise to use and post a new round of revisions soon.

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The bird is wonderful, but the break in the chest bothers me, and I also looked to see if there was hidden lettering in the illustration as well; which in my mind would be easy to incorporate but might be a bit too much. I feel as though the type needs to be a bit more inviting, ditch the all caps and try to find a way to avoid the use of extra weights and faces.

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