Bookman Oldstyle with MS Trebuchet for Newsletter

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This is a monthly corporate newsletter that i've been asked to design for Heinz Australia (manufacturers predominantly of canned foods).
(3-page PDF)

So, it is published mostly for screen viewing, with a short run of digital print, so must be readable on screen, hence the sans serif choice for normal copy.

It's meant to be "a little bit of fun".

PDF shows the general typographic treatment so far. I've gone with two page layouts that should be enough variation for different types of content:

1. Full page, double column text
2. Full page, single column with sidebar.

Setting details:
Single Column - MS Trebuchet 12/17 x 21
Double Column (full page) - MS Trebuchet 12/17 x 27
Sidebar - Arial 9.5/13 x 14.6

I've spent a bit of time copyfitting, and i'm relatively happy that the measures are holding copy sufficently although full justification isnt working as well as i would like. Seems to be a lot of hyphenation and the wordspacing looks a bit gappy.

Also, i'm not entirely pleased with Bookman/Trebuchet mix. It seems a bit wrong, but i don't want to go to serif face, and Trebuchet is the sans with the shortest x-height (which i think is helping balance the colour of the page). Arial, verdana or other readily available faces are too black.

Anyway, i dont have a lot to compare too, so ide love anyone's opinion. This is my first 'real' stab at page compostion.

Cheers! JonnySchneider

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