Looking for a digitised version Yagi Universel No.2 (Letraset)

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I tried asking in general but didn't get lucky so here goes again:
Im looking for a digitised version Yagi Universel No.2 (Letraset)
Anyone have any info on this?

Thanks a lot

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I don't think it has been digitized.

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I searched for this font also and it is not being digitized, I can confirm.
I have re-draw the Yagi double version from letraset with Illustrator for a project but no time to realease it as a font, it needs to be done more accurately also, but definitely on my "to do sometimes" list along with the universal...

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Can someone maybe provide me with a high resolution version of that image of yagi universal no.2 i posted? I might give it a go in Illustrator myself..

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noone? Plz? :)

Any scan bigger than the sample i posted is appreciated..

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xen, please contact me by e-mail. I can provide a full-size or enlarged scan of this same image which was taken from the 'Homage to the Alphabet' book from Phil's Photo.

- Mike Yanega

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Hi all,
I know this is an old thread
Yagi Link Double has been digitized and is available here
I haven't found the "single" version but will repost if I do!
Hope this helps somebody!

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