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Hi folks, I would love some feedback on my proposed design for a class. I'm currently a student design student in San Francisco. Any thougths or suggestions are greatly appreciated

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This is probably going to come out harsher than I mean it, but I can't really figure out much of a way to softpedal it, so here goes. I hope this feedback is helpful and I wish you the best of success with your assignment.

I'm not sure the design really communicates the idea of "Design Culture Now" -- The heavy-contrast didone italic, bright-color gradients, and light grotesque strike me as being more like elements you'd see in "Design Culture 1975." More importantly, the style that you're putting out in your poster doesn't match the style of any of the designers you're plugging, and is in fact the total opposite of Gabellini's style.

I think a complete redesign would get you where you need to go faster than trying to adapt what you've got here. I could also go into more detail about the current design if you'd like -- what works, what doesn't work -- but I'd recommend researching the work of those four designers and looking to them for inspiration.

Good luck!

--Jim K.

Also, you mistyped M.A.D. as M.S.D. under Erik Adigard's name.

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Yea sorry,
Jim pretty much said everything I wanted to. Even the type selection is quite dated. Try a more contemporary sans that hints on geometric forms like Avenir. Also I hate when people use the {} for rhetorical purposes. Its just so overdone. But thats me personally, others might be fine.

And your line spacing of "cooper-hewiit museum..." at the bottom is too tight. Compositionally, Id like it to be more complex. Right now only the title is somehwat dynamic and the rest are static. Play around with tons of sketches and post those up. I guarantee ur work at the end of tis process is gonna rock.

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Hi, Thanks for your replies. My attempted goal was to create a really dated looking piece, i wanted it to look like it is not design culture now if that makes sense. Well maybe im just going in the wrong direction t, thanks for the feedback.

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but I’d recommend researching the work of those four designers and looking to them for inspiration Personally I would avoid producing anything that smacks of an homage or references their work, on the other hand Jim does have a point that you don't want your poster to stand at odds to the possible content of the lectures.
BTW the grad used in the @, red to blue is a real swine to print, as your image shows it tends toward muddy brown rather than purple. And you should get rid of the orphan in the Gabellini section.

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I'm really torn as to what to say so I'll just say it. The gradient on the @ is horrid and is in contrast to the one used up top. I generally try to stay away from gradients myself, but that's a personal preference. The leading in the titles and information section is too tight for my liking. Also the hierarchy of the information text seems backwards to me.

If you're going for a dated look, try and find a good publication from the early 80's, or even some ads or posters and see how they treats the type. I don't mean to be rude about it but there's too much visual contrasting for my liking.


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