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I'm looking to buy a 1200dpi laser printer to use primarily for developing type designs. I've been searching around for the cheapest printer available which has true Adobe® PostScript® 3™, as opposed to an emulated version of Postscript 3. I'm just looking for some general advice from any of you out there who may have gone through a similar quest. Any reviews and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, opinions on the relative qualities of true postcript machines vs. emulated versions would be also useful. Is there any difference, and if so, how great/marginal is the difference?

Thanks in advance for your contribtuions.

Mike Ives

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i just bought an HP laserjet 1320 and i think it's working out OK. granted, i'm just getting started myself, but it seems like the 1320 is a good deal in the less than $500 category, when i was looking, it seemed like the only true Postscript printers run at least $1000 and well over, which was out of my price range.

i guess there are some even cheaper HP laserjets, but i was told that the 1320 is the best for the price you pay…

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you might try picking something up second-hand. laser printers are pretty reliable, much better than ink-jets, and by going the use route, you might find a better model at a cheaper price then with a new one.

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here's the thread i posted when i was looking for a printer. i think there's a link to another good thread somwhere in there too.

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OK, I had a browse around ebay for second hand printers. Some of the prices were good. Eventually I found a huge discount on a Samsung ML-2550 - which is 1200dpi x1200dpi, and packs an emulated version of Postcript 3. This was probably the best I could find (after a days extensive research) in my price range £150/$220. I'll let you know how it goes!

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