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i had posted a critique thread for this type family i'm working on now code named Stitch Gothic (shameless, i know). i accidentally deleated the node when i tried to delete my previous pdfs. i had about 450 viewings but only 1 person gave me feedback. i hope it's not because it sucks…

this is for display, and i want the letterforms to have an almost hand lettered quality. two typefacess that i was thinking of when i started this were Franklin Gothic and Interstate (or Highway Gothic). the figures are based on the types of numbers that are used for license plates. i also wanted to throw in an italic for a friendly, comsumer edge. there are a lot of things going on, but i want it to reflect the eclectic nature of the Southern California region.

this is my first attempt at a real typeface. i've messed around with a few other designs in order to learn Fontographer.

so, i apologize for starting a second thread about the same topic but please have a look. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

PDF v16
[i don't know why, but i couldn't attach this file]

nick cottrell

i want to come up with a better name when the design nears completion.

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I like your letters. They are developable. Especcially the italic has a nice look.

But before criticise your letters you have to improve some things. First off all: your upstrokes have the same width like the downstrokes. Thats wrong. Even in the constructed DIN the upstrokes are thinner. Even if it doesnt look so. You can prove it by putting circles with the same radius into the stems! Round strokes are a little bit wider too have the same optical thickness as straight strokes. Your approach was correct but a bit too much. And you have to pay attention that both sides of the strokes on the C, O, Q etc looks identical.

learn more about it here:

Also your counters looks a bit too eggy.

I like trapping flowers. But when you use them pay attention that you use them continuous. They are missing in the V, W, M etc. But you have done them incorrect.


Greetings: Steven

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I think your round lowercase letters are a bit too high.

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thank you for such precise analysis Steven. i will review the info you've provided and i will use it while i attempt to fix some of the problems you've pointed out. it might take a little while though…

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1) I think the lowercase f's would be a bit easier to read if the ascenders continued a little bit further than they do. It jumped out at me in the italic, and then I looked at the roman and saw it there too. Maybe if the ascender curve were a little squarer and less oval it would help in that regard, even though there isn't much precedent for it in the rest of your face.

2) I agree with Steven about your round lc letters.

3) I think your round uppercase letters -- or maybe just C and O -- have the opposite problem, though, and look optically a little shorter than what I would expect them to be.

4) Have you considered a tail for the italic g instead of the loop descender? I think it might fit better with the other short descenders.

5) Does your $ harmonize with the numerals?

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Thanks Jim,

great feedback. i'm looking at the "f" right now and i see what you mean about it. do you think that it should extend further on the tail in the italic as well?

i like tail of the italic "g" so i'd like to keep it. however, perhaps there is something i can add to the italic in another letter that would go with the tail of the "g". maybe a looped "k" or something like that… any thoughts?

I think i'm going to play with the "$" a bit to see if i can make it work. it's definately not there yet. i want to finess the punctuation after i get the core characters set.


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Your G looks a bit too much like a serif letter. Cut the serif at the right side and expand it a bit to the left.

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i'm still working on the trapping…

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Verily, this Does Not Suck.

More soon.* But in the interim, real quick: the Trapping Flower* is the device;
the stuff it makes is [just] "trap"s. Thanks for the attention. As you were.

* Just doing this puts this thread nicely in my Typophile stream of consciousnesses.

** AKA "Venus Fly Trap".


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…i mean, i'm still working on the traps!

; ^ )

looking forward to the feedback Hrant. thanks.


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i just finished modifying the Heavy glyphs. hopefully i can get some feedback on this weight before i start on the slim, and finally to the italic.

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here's the italic. i couldn't stop myself : )

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The italic rocks!

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Thanks Dennis!

i guess i'm just going to continue refining for now. once i get the core glyphs finished, i'm going to work on the general spacing, then the kerning, and then i'll finish all the special characters and finess the punctuation…

…and i was starting to feel like i'm almost finished.
: )

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here's the slim weight.

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Only one thing has to be review is the g. Seems to me to wide compare to that condensed style.

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I think that the round letters are a bit too high!? And I think that the A and V dont need to be higher. They just need to be higher if they would have a sharp point I think!


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thanks for the feedback Andre and Steven,

i'm going to see what i can do about the g. also, i see what you're saying about the round letters!! i must learn how to restrain myself!

after i make these adjustments, i must work on my spacing. i have a couple of resources that explain the "HOHHOO" method. do you have any tips or info about spacing so i can do this thing the right way?

back to the drawing board… so to speak : )

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I could not give you practical advices. I have never done it by myself too. I have just build up the letters in Freehand and thats it :(
I have read a bit about it but not much. For a first try you could read
these Scans:

They are by Walter Käch the taskmaster of Adrian Frutiger

Sorry :(


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thank you Steven.

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