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I recently started selling fonts on the website and after a month the owner of the site asked me if I could change some values of the truetype versions of my fonts: "...the TrueType versions of your fonts will need to be updated. For this the value of fsType in the OS/2 table needs to be set to 4."
I use Fontlab 5 and I searched for a spot/field where I could change these values, but I cant find them at all. I have no experience with these things so I would really appreciate someone telling me where I can make these changes.


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OS/2 table setting fsType is the embedding bit. That is found in FontLab under 'Font Info'/Name and Copyright/embedding

4 is for 'Print and Preview'

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Thanks, I'll check it out.

grts, Joe

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from the TrueType specification:

Restricted License embedding (0x0002): Fonts that have this bit set must not be modified, embedded or exchanged in any manner without first obtaining permission of the legal owner. Caution: note that for Restricted License embedding to take effect, it must be the only level of embedding selected (as noted in the previous paragraph).

Preview & Print embedding (0x0004): Fonts with this bit set indicate that they may be embedded within documents but must only be installed temporarily on the remote system. Any document which includes a Preview & Print embedded font must be opened “read-only;” the application must not allow the user to edit the document; it can only be viewed and/or printed.

Editable embedding (0x0008): Fonts with this bit set indicate that they may be embedded in documents, but must only be installed temporarily on the remote system. In contrast to Preview & Print fonts, documents containing Editable fonts may be opened “read-write;” editing is permitted, and changes may be saved.

Installable embedding (0x0000): Fonts with this setting indicate that they may be embedded and permanently installed on the remote system by an application. The user of the remote system acquires the identical rights, obligations and licenses for that font as the original purchaser of the font, and is subject to the same end-user license agreement, copyright, design patent, and/or trademark as was the original purchaser

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You can assign the fsType value via Python with the command
fl.font.ttinfo.os2_fs_type = X
where X can be one of the following integers:

0 : Everything is allowed (installable mode)
2 : Embedding of this font is not allowed
4 : Only printing and previewing of the document is allowed (read-only)
8 : Editing of the document is allowed

(Wording as it appears on Fontlab v4.6 Mac, Font Info window, Embedding panel under Names and Copyright)

As a side note, I believe Adobe usually sets their fonts to "Editing of the document is allowed" so that you can make small changes in a PDF document, for example. [Edit: Not entirely true. Here's the correct list]

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Thank you all for your input. I think now I know all there is to know about this subject ;)



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