girl underwear factory

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hey guys, im working on a logotype to a girl underwear factory called julia teen.
the idea is to mix differents styles of fonts and it has to be cool, fresh, different
came up to this, hope you comment !

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the colours can be changed, this is just an alternative

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imho, po mo is no longer "cool and fresh." but then again, i'm not a teenaged girl. what do i know?

when i think of cool, fresh type, i think of Veer.

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uh................not feeling it at all.
The colors are...well you probably dont want the color of "crap" for an underwear. Think fresh. Think spring. So pink or yellows... And the "Julia" typestyle is way off for the subject matter. the "teen" is good, but still could use work.

You probably will have to hand-draw this sucker.

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better. But maybe too bold. I agree with the Veer sujestion.

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I don't have a problem with the color at all…

for some reason, when i look at this i keep thinking Omnes.

also, the Village script is pretty fresh…

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