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Did you guys know that James Mosley has a blog?!

And the content, not surprisingly, is top-notch.

(Thanks to Gerald Lange for the ref.)


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No, thank you for that, Hrant, the last time I contacted Prof. Mosley was after we met at the 40th Bodoni Museum – I remember I used a long email address, not the Reading one, it was printed with a typeface he was developing, I don't remember right now, but here is a picture, it was taken by P. De Macchi.

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Talk about type mafia.
How many rival font designers have they made you
mow down with your Thompson (Caster) so far, eh?!

Seriously: nice pic!


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Just one, in Philadelphia coutryside, but I have done it with pleasure, it was a small grass cutter.

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I'll add that to the wiki. Excellent find.

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Ciao Alessandro!

Nice picture. Is it Martino Mardersteig on the left?


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Thanks for link. That is one good blog.

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The first three people in the picture from the left: Martino Mardersteig, James Mosley, Giorgio Montecchi.

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