Replacing Apex New - Cyrillic

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I am incredibly sad that Apex New (Thirstype) doesn't support cyrillic characters. I just love it!

I am actually looking for a similar typeface (with what some might call a "nice and 'trendy' modern sans design") that includes cyrillic glyphs, with a wide variety of weights (especially light or thin).

Any suggestions ? :)

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check out paratype

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Have you been in touch with the vllgrs? Some designers are just sitting around waiting for an important client to ask them to do a Cyrillic for one of their fonts.

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>> includes cyrillic glyphs, with a wide variety of weights

Fedra Sans Pro

FF Daxline Cyrillic



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Thanks for the suggestions !

I actually e-mailed Village and Chester replied saying only romanized Russian was supported. Not cyrillic.

But he also said he has made a start on these glyphs. The Book weight is pretty much done, and he's open to work on other weights (depending on the budget).

That guy is so cool !

Unfortunately, I need the font very quickly (the document has to be printed in 2 weeks)...

- - -

Anybody have more typefaces to suggest ?

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>> romanized Russian... Not cyrillic.
What's this?

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romanized Russian… Not cyrillic.

doesn't that just mean the roman alphabet? >^P

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Well, its a bit obscure, but here's a quote that explains everything:

"Apex New presently only contains the Latin alphabet, and dozens and dozens of accented letters for setting hundreds of languages. So, romanized Russian means that any accents needed for setting Russian using the Latin alphabet."

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