Quick brownie (unnamed sans-serif)

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I found myself without any sensible work yesterday, so I decided to draw a quick sans-serif in Photoshop...


I'm not sure about the relationship ascender and cap height... Is it okey, or do I need to increase the cap height (I would like to stay away from decreasing the ascenders, tried it already and it looked odd)?

Comments welcome.

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Hey, pretty nice.
I love the vertical proportions as they are (even the longish descenders). Very clean, and the caps seem to work very well in running text. For some reason it reminds me of Koch, or one of Hoefler's recent designs - I think the Gugenheim one. It has this quaint (but nonetheless Euro-rigid) air about it.


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I don't know about the "y" now that I look at it, it looks sort of strange.

As for the ascender height, I really don't have a problem with it, it just looks a bit funny when it's an uppercase character followed by an ascending lowercase ("The" for instance).
"Jumped" looks much better for some odd reason...

Oh well.

Hmmm, Looked around for the design mentioned - couldn't find anything.

Care to share a link or something?

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You know, I can't seem to find anything on it. But we're in the right place, so maybe "they" will show & tell...


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anyone else?

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I had some more spare time today, so I gave the international characters and numerals a try...

Let me know if there are any missing (besides the upside down questionmark, but I'll do that when I have the regular one).

I think I'm aiming for a slightly more complete character set than what's usual in theese bitmap fonts. okey...

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Hrant, You see any problems with the international characters?

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Well, I'm not the best person to ask: I'm a *non*-Latin guy, not an extended-Latin guy... :-)

But the tildes look too big, and both your thorns need work. Otherwise things look just fine to me.


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The tilde is way too big indeed. I'd also move the grave one pixel to the left over e (maybe also over a) and the acute one pixel to the right over e. The cedilla one pixel to the left under C, and the left dot of the dieresis over E one pixel to the right. ;)

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Hrant, yeah I know you're a non-latin guy, but you replied before... :)

As for the tildes, yeah, they were too big... I actually noticed that myself.

I'm not sure they're any better now though, they feel too small... But It's either this or the previous.

Thanks for the comments Hrant and Rodolfo!

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Oh, I didn't change the thorns that much, I really don't know how they are *supposed* to look, but I checked a few other typefaces and they didn't seem totally off. I changed the lowercase though.

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Richard --

The best resource I know about for the design of the thorns is Gunnlauger SE Briem's pages.

I would suggest making the descender and ascender of your lc thorn equal at 3 px. I think the cap Thorn should have a larger bowl; try 3x3 or 3x4 for the counter, but keep the 2 px extenders. This will push it up into the accent region a little, but I don't think that will be a problem.

Mind you, I'm not Icelandic. Perhaps someone who is can offer better solutions.

-- K.

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Great resource, thanks for that one.

I've updated it... and I'm beginning to think I've got the "important" characters done...

If I'm missing anything crucial, please tell me.


any comments appreciated of course.

I was thinkning about an italic for this one, but not necessarily a slanted one. I was thinkning of a slightly rounded version with connections between the letters, like in a script typeface... good or bad idea?

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I don't think upright italics work, especially in a coarse medium like the screen. On the other hand, slant looks like crap on-screen, which is why I recommend using a darker (or lighter) weight - and that goes together with my recommendation of using 2-pixel-stem fonts as the text weight.


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