(x) Carolina Herrera wide serif logo - Engravers Roman {Mike Y et al}

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Hello everyone, I’am new here and I’m most impressed with the level of knowledge and generosity amongst all users.

Having said that, would anyone be so kind as to help me identify the type used by CAROLINA HERRERA in their logo (www.carolinaherrera.com)? I would be ever so grateful as it is for a project which has this coming Friday as deadline.

Thank you all!

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It looks like a customized version of Engraver's Roman with an added lower serif on the C.

- Mike Yanega

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Hi Mike,
Thanks, it's deffinitely close! but there must be an even closer match...

Another kind soul out there?


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It's Engravers, horizontally scaled (eek!).

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Engravers MT matches from where I sit

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I'd like to explain my remark earlier, and the only reason I said "Which one?" is because I genuinely think this is the greatest outfit ever and I'm being extremely nitpicky here.

When it is specifically stated that the I.D. request is related to a job with a deadline, it's not enough to just point out a name, but actually linking to a downloadable font would be nice. Again, great work all around, just dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's. :^)

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The Engravers to which I was referring is from Monotype. But, upon looking more closely at it, I realize it isn't a match. Monotype's version has bracketing on the serifs. It isn't Orange Italic either.

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Thank you all ever so much, if you wise people couldn´t find the exact match, it probably doesn´t exist :), having been built on purpouse, which of course one would expect for such brand. Having said that, they've played around with different fonts through time...

Never the less, with the closest of matches, courtesy of you all, I will attempt to do what's been requested of me. I might even be brave enough to post the result.


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According to Martin Kotulla, SoftMaker is creating their version of Engravers Roman, but under license from URW++, features 2 uppercase character sets - bigger for "uppercase" and smaller for "lowercase" - and comes in the styles of regular and bold. The typeface name will be called "Gravure" and'll appear on two of SoftMaker's premium-quality typeface collections - "MegaFont XXL 3.0" (for home users) and "infiniType 4" (for designers) - both being released in May 27, 2014.

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This might be very late but I am doing the logo and I used Didot and costumized the Engravers MT "R" in Illustrator. Also "CAROLINA HERRERA" is shrunken. Last thing, you kind of have to narrow the "C" in the CH.

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