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Hello there, I'm entering a competition to design
a logo for the hong kong design institute and
this is what i've come up with at the moment.

Havin a bit of trouble with the 'D' & 'I' cos they
don't take up the same amount of space as the 'H'&'K'.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, cheers.

I probably shouldn't be giving myself the added
competition but the website is http://www.hkdilogo.edu.hk/
should anyone wish to enter it themselves.


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To start, there is too much space between the "D" and "I". You could add serifs to the "I" to take up room.

As far as your logo overall, I think it lines up too much which makes it boring. Try making the icon and the "design institute" smaller.

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I would also pursue other fonts for the name. Maybe fonts that are sharper. Try using small caps.

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Ha! I've just started that brief today. Game on...

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Thanks Tom,
I've been staring at it for so long. It's good to get some other opinions. I'll give the serifs a try it's probably what i've been looking for.

I'm wary of making the icon too small as i wanted the chinese characters to be on equal standing with the english, but i see what you mean about boring.

deadline's 31st james, better get jigging...
i've got a copy of the chinese characters if you need them at all?

see you guys in a bit with a reworking or few.


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hey guys,
well, I also sent a few proposals for this competition, and I'd like to see what you all think about them.
Underneath each of them there's a link to a PDF file with an explanation of the concept behind each logo:




The deadline is already gone so there's no chance of any changes now, but still I'd like to know your opinions... hopefully I have a chance for the 10,000 bucks at stake ;-)

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OK, I fixed the images now... they had not been included correctly in the previous message.

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FYI: File names which alread appear in the database will call those images not those you upload.

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