Alternatives to Franklin Gothic, Trade Gothic, and News Gothic

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I like fonts like Franklin, Trade and News Gothic a lot. But i think they are all used to much.

Do you know some fresh Alternatives.

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Some more...

Champion Gothic
Knockout Series
MT Grotesque 1 & 2 Not exactly fresh but I love it.

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You're exactly right. They are overused. Geoff lists some good, underplayed alternatives. Also:

Griffith Gothic
FF Unit

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National, Parry Grotesque, the up coming Capone from

Skopex Gothic is an outstanding take

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Nice lists. Thanks, all!

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Wow, 2 years old. While we're at it:

Brown Gothic 1 and 2
Monotype Grotesque

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Hello Mike,

Capone is renamed to Eminio (the brother of Al Capone), because there already is a Capone Light from Monotype.
Thanks for mentioning!


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Sorry, it’s named Erminio.


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Pieter, thank you for the correction. :-)

I love your work, especially the KPN designs.

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Thanks Mike.

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In this vein, I've long admired Mario Feliciano's Grotzec, but I haven't had occasion to license it or try it out.

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Wow, 2 years old.

And forward two years more...

While we're at it:
Brown Gothic 1 and 2
Monotype Grotesque

Thanks, Stephen. Bullbog is MiA, but both Brown and Grotesque look delicious.

Any new suggestions, perhaps? :)

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An alternate to Franklin, News and Trade Gothic? Perhaps Alternate Gothic?

Bah dum shhh!

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Here's Bulldog (it's no longer available from Creative Alliance, only direct from Club Type, the source foundry). See also this list at FontShop.

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Benton Sans, a real workhorse, and to me, kind of the terminus of those lines of typographic thought.

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Trevor - thanks for your contribution but you'll notice Benton is mentioned above.

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