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Hello All,

This is my first post on Typophile and I must congratulate all of you for a great looking community.

I am currently working on a project for a organization for the benefit of children and their health.

I am looking for a typeface in order to use in their new identity/wordmark. I was hoping someone here could recommend a specific typeface and maybe I can convince them to purchase it for the client.

I was thinking something along a friendly typeface something like : The Sans
I was considering using something rounded but I do not want to loose the companies serious appeal.

All help is aprecaited.



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Ambigue, Schneidler. For a more exquisite taste, try Simoncini or Berling.

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Thank you, Would you know what foundries I would find those under. Is there a universal site where I can locate them?


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Juvenis is an excellent suggestion.

Helping Prakash: Ambigue, Garamond Simoncini, Stempel Schneidler, Berling.

Something rounded, yet still serious: FF Strada, Neo Sans, Mustardo, Ketchupa, Omnes

Also: Amira

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Something rounded, yet still friendly and serious: G-Type Chevin family - Veer

Nick Cooke

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Thanks, Nick. Chevin is on the money. Also Gareth Hague's Sylvia.

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