Fascinating Faceting

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I'm talking about John Downer's Paperback in particular. Hrant asked the question in this thread that I want answers to: What purpose does faceting serve? Does it really help text fonts at small sizes? If so can anyone explain how? Thanks for looking...

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You need to take a peek at Dwiggins M-Formula. :^)

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That's wonderful, Tiffany. What a good man Dwiggins was.

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I've observed as I've been working, that a smooth curve as small sizes can become a corner. After a minute adjustment it remains a curve. The reverse can be true too. Consider Emigre's Journal. I'm not sure that it's *better* or worse, just a different way of working. I'd love to hear more from John, as the results seem to be working well.


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Tiff, i started a wiki entry on the M-Formula on what I could find online. If you have time, could you contribute to that one and summarize better than I did? Thanks for pointing me to this!

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