Egyptian 505

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Can anyone point me to an article about the work of Andre Guertler's class in redoing Frutiger's Egyptienne typeface?

I'm using Egyptienne on a current project and would like to know what the issues were that they addressed. Because it's paired with Avenir in my project it seemed most natural to stay close to Frutiger's version, but I've never spent much time with Egyptian faces.


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Egyptian 505 is the only Egyptian (font :-) that I actually like.
Unfortunately I don't know too much about it, except that it was
done (or at least started) by Gurtler's students, and their classroom
number was 505.

One thing I would suggest that you take
a close look at in E505 are the numerals.


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Okay. I was sort of interested in the process they used but haven't found much about it.

Here's a comparison of 505 on left with the version of Egyptienne on Adobe's font site (which I guess comes from Linotype).

These are just quick screen captures so very low quality.

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