(x) Similar to House Gothic - Eight Track {David Piechnik}

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What font is this? It is similar to House Gothic, but there are differences.

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I think it's just a modified lowercase t on House Gothic

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Is it me or does the baseline seem to be fluctuating in that masthead?

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It's not you - there appears to be no overshoot on the curves.

Nick Cooke

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Agreed...I don't understand how this kind of stuff gets overlooked. It's the first thing I noticed!

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I think this may be a Font-a-licious typeface. They were made to be free, so a little sloppy.

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I'd say this isn't House. House Gothic does have proper overshoots and that letter a alone is enough to know that this isn't of high enough quality to be worthy of House. I'd say it is a rip-off.

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I believe the font is Eight Track by Font-a-licious.


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Oh it's definitely not House Gothic. Here's a close reproduction of the logo using HI Gothic Bold.

The tails of the "t's" are less narrow/rounded. The "e's" are abit more squared and there's a few other differences.

I'll agree it's a rip-off font, or it's been severely altered.

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Nah, it's a freeware font -- seen it before, can't remember where (actually, I don't care where). It's pretty poor quality, innit?

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I think David Piechnik has picked it.

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Whoops, missed that. Good one, David.

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